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Lost Cat. Update: Cat Found

UPDATE: This cat has been found and returned to its owner. Name: Monkey Breed: Short hair domestic Color: ALL Black (no spots, no white, nothing but black) Age: 8 Last Seen on 4/27/10 at 2024 Rosewood Ave. Monkey is very friendly and social! Will respond to his name. No collar but he’s a very sleek, panther-like […]

This is Not a Pothole, but…

This protruding pipe wrecks havoc on passing cars and especially bicycles. It’s in the Eastbound lane of Rosewood Ave at the Addison St intersection.  In this picture, water pools in a depression in the road and the pipe rears its head like the Lochness Monster.  Below that water, there’s another inch or two of pipe […]

Stroller Stolen from Porch

You see baby strollers parked on people’s porches all the time.  Bringing the bulky things inside isn’t always an option.  After a year and a half of good luck, our stroller was stolen from our porch on Rosewood Ave sometime after Thanksgiving. I understand that we were taking a risk by leaving it outside, but […]

Car Break-Ins on Rosewood Ave

From a concerned Byrd Parker: I thought this merited a post on the blog.  Last night my wife and I looked out our window and saw two guys trying to break into cars on the 2100 block of Rosewood. We called the police, and they later picked up one of the men rummaging through a […]

Multi-Family Yard Sale on Rosewood, Sat. 9/12

On Saturday, September 12th from 7:30-12.00, the 2100 block of Rosewood Avenue will be hosting a multi-family yard sale.  As many as 9-10 households have signed on to participate.  Neighbors are welcome to join in and help spread the word. The huge sale which will include many household items (large and small appliances, such as […]

The origin of several local street names

The Byrd Park Civic League has some great info on the etymology of local street names culled from Thomas F. Mustian’s Facts and Legends of Richmond Area Streets…

Dog found on Rosewood

Via Craigslist, word of  a found dog on Rosewood: Last night, around 11 pm one of my housemates found a medium-sized mottled black and white dog (no collar) roaming in the street on Rosewood Ave. (a block behind Byrd Park). We brought him back to our house on Idlewood, fed him and gave him water. […]

Renovation on Rosewood

Check out Ken’s progress renovating his stately home in the 2400 block of Rosewood here. His grandfather bought the house in 1955 and it’s been in the family ever since.