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A smelly topic, but one that can’t be sidestepped

One of our neighborhood’s many attributes is how dog friendly we are in Byrd Park. Part of the experience,  is to be able to share with your best friend. Your dog. In part of beauty of this experience, there is the general consideration of following leash laws and picking up after your pet. Aside from […]


Have you seen Luke?

Is this your brown and white dog?

Craigslist has word on a FOUND dog: Just found this medium size white/brown dog outside our home in Byrd Park, in the fan, at 503 S. Davis Ave, Richmond, VA 23220. She is very well manored and a nice dog, seems to be somebody’s pet and doesn’t seem to have been lose for long. Do […]

Have you seen Basil?

Craigslist has word on a missing dog in Randolph: lost female dog. her name is Basil and she is 1 year old. shes about 40lbs around knee height and has a red collar on. her tag was torn off by our other dog in the house so she doesnt have a tag. she got out […]

Stray Dog

From Nick on Lakeview: a stray dog followed us home and is now in our back yard. I called animal control but just got a voicemail. The dog has a collar but no tags. He is black, young (1-2 years), and very friendly. He looks like some kind of chow/lab mix? The owners can email […]

Have you seen Tito?

A LOST dog via Craigslist: I lost my best bud! PLEASE help me find him. He is a minpin and answers to Tito. He is wearing a blue harness. REWARD when found. PLEASE call 804-512-8810

Lost Cat. Update: Cat Found

UPDATE: This cat has been found and returned to its owner. Name: Monkey Breed: Short hair domestic Color: ALL Black (no spots, no white, nothing but black) Age: 8 Last Seen on 4/27/10 at 2024 Rosewood Ave. Monkey is very friendly and social! Will respond to his name. No collar but he’s a very sleek, panther-like […]

A website for Richmond’s Pets

There’s a new community blog. The  domesticated animal community is the focus of the Richmond Daily Beast.  Lost and found pets, news related to dogs and cats, and anything you can think of related to animals – it’s all being compiled at this charming and amusing website. From the RDB about us page: Richmond Daily […]

Have you seen Cooper?

Craigslist has word on a dog that went missing on Thursday: Dog’s name is Cooper and he is an older male Cairn Terrier, but he likely will not answer to the name. Dog was last seen running past Barker Field into the woods between Barker Field and Pump House Park.

Dogs to be (Officially) Allowed in Byrd Park

On Monday, City Council reps Samuels and Jewell will introduce an ordinance to legalize dogs in Byrd Park.  For some months now, dogs have been allowed in most parts of the park on a trial basis. Ord. No. 2009-218 (Patrons: Mr. Samuels and Mr. Jewell) – To amend the Code *** concerning the prohibition of […]

Anyone Lose a Little White Dog?

Posted on Sunday, Oct. 11th on Craigslist: We found a small white dog on Kemper street in Randolph west. He had a shock collar on but no tags. We’ve been taking care of him but are going to call SPCA or animal control tomorrow. Please give me a call if your dog is missing. Ask […]

Dog found on Rosewood

Via Craigslist, word of  a found dog on Rosewood: Last night, around 11 pm one of my housemates found a medium-sized mottled black and white dog (no collar) roaming in the street on Rosewood Ave. (a block behind Byrd Park). We brought him back to our house on Idlewood, fed him and gave him water. […]