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Parkwood Now One-way Westward

Photo posted on Twitter by @RVAphinny: This issue was previously discussed on this site. See here for speculation and debate.

Did City Council Approve a Downtown Drag Strip?

On Monday, June 14th, Richmond City Council approved the Marty Jewell sponsored ordinance to make Parkwood Avenue one way from Rowland to Stafford. On this site, commenters voiced concerns about the speed of the traffic coming off the expressway as it cuts through the residential area south of Cary Street. Drivers leaving 195 tend to […]

Parkwood to Become One Way (or Two Ways)

At the June 14th City Council meeting, 5th district councilman Marty Jewell is introducing an ordinance to change the traffic flow on Parkwood Avenue between Rowland and Stafford. No. 2010-70 (Patron: Mr. Jewell) – To make the flow of traffic one-way going west on Parkwood Avenue between its intersections with Rowland Street and Stafford Avenue.

Congressman calls conditions on Parkwood “deplorable”

An August 1969 issue of the Afro-American identifies the 1800 block of Parkwood Avenue as a prime example of “rat infested” in Richmond:

Restaurant at Parkwood/Addison has a backer

Jason has more information on his blog. A real restaurant person — Jen Rawlings — is behind the concept, which will feature outdoor seating and food along the lines of what’s served at 821 and/or Ipanema, Jason adds. Editorial comment ahead: We would really like to see this work out, because it would finally give us […]