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Stop Trashing the Playground

This sign was found on the ground among loads of soda cans/bottles and candy wrappers near the Idlewood playground by the West End Market. It refers to two new cans chained to the fence at either end of the playground and basketball court areas and to the trash that is habitually dropped on the grass […]

If you have small children…

…you should be thankful for this playground on Idlewood.  For Byrd Park residents, it’s just a 1-3 block walk. The structure sits on property owned by Sixth Baptist Church on Addison. The City bears no responsibility for this playground and the church doesn’t make use of it very often. So, those of us in the […]

Winthrop Hall has been Sold!

While speaking with the man repairing the windows on the building last week, I learned that the Winthrop Hall building on Idlewood Avenue has been sold. The property will remain as an assisted-living facility and has been purchased by a large unknown corporation (or at least it is unknown to the window-repairman, who said he […]

The Blight on Idlewood Avenue: part 1

. . What can we do? Call the City of Richmond’s Property Maintenance division at: 804.646.3908 Email Marty Jewell (our councilman) at: Call Marty Jewell at: 804.646.6050 And lets organize a clean-up!

The origin of several local street names

The Byrd Park Civic League has some great info on the etymology of local street names culled from Thomas F. Mustian’s Facts and Legends of Richmond Area Streets…