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Byrd Park Pump House tour next week

The Quoit Club is sponsoring a tour of the Byrd Park Pump House on Thursday, July 15th at 6PM.

Wilfred Emory Cutshaw and the Byrd Park Pump House

The National Park Service’s Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary has a wonderfully informative page on the Byrd Park Pump House: Wilfred Emory Cutshaw, who oversaw the building’s design and construction, was a grand figure in the development of Richmond. During his 34-year tenure as City Engineer, Cutshaw’s endeavors included roads, sidewalks, schools, armories, parks, […]

Things are happening at the Pump House

Good things. John Pope with the city’s parks department told us last week that Richmond is still serious about a multi-year, $10 million renovation that would make the pump house a visitors’ center and the centerpiece of the James River Park System. Paul Hammond has a look inside over at Lost Art of the City.