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Winthrop Manor seeks SUP

A Special Use Permit was applied for under the name Winthrop Manor on 8/2/2010 to “authorize adult care residential facility with up to 66 dwelling units” for 2100 Idlewood Avenue, formerly the old John B. Cary Elementary School and then an assisted-living facility.

Highlights from the June Civic League Meeting

Highlights from the June Byrd Park Civic League meeting: Ms. Hicks representing the new Assisted Living facility at Winthrop Manor announced that the zoning permit expired since the building was vacant for more than 26 months and they are in the process of applying for rezoning. At this time they do not have an expected date to open. Eventually they will hold an open house and invite the residents of Byrd Park to attend. TBA Mr. Scott Jones from Sally Bell's was welcomed to the neighborhood and gave a little background into the process that lead the 80yr old business to expand in Byrd Park. The neighborhood was encouraged to support their business. A motion was passed to offer a $50.00 prize to the winner of the Byrd Park Neighborhood Logo contest. Entries must be received by August 15th, 2010. Email to request information. A few Bylaw ammendments were passed. Membership dues will now apply for a calendar year instead of July to June. NNO will be held at the Roundhouse on August 3rd from 6-8 p.m. There will be food, door prizes, and activities provided for the residents of Byrd Park Neighborhood. Plans are in the works for the community garden. Residents who would like to support the effort are encouraged to contact Mary Jewell and ask for his support to use a vacant city lot on Idlewood. A neighborhood inspection will be conducted June 23rd by the zoning committee. They will be identifying unsafe conditions and reporting the houses in question to CAPS. Residents were invited to submit addresses of homes that need attention.

Winthrop Hall has been Sold!

While speaking with the man repairing the windows on the building last week, I learned that the Winthrop Hall building on Idlewood Avenue has been sold. The property will remain as an assisted-living facility and has been purchased by a large unknown corporation (or at least it is unknown to the window-repairman, who said he […]

That Big Empty Building on Idlewood is for Sale

Winthrop Hall, the old John B. Cary West End School that towers over the 2100 blocks of Idlewood and Grayland Avenues, is now up for sale. The unoccupied building has been deteriorating for months. The owner is Stephen J. Staats, a real estate developer who made headlines in 1997 when he bought the property for […]

The Blight on Idlewood Avenue: part 1

. . What can we do? Call the City of Richmond’s Property Maintenance division at: 804.646.3908 Email Marty Jewell (our councilman) at: Call Marty Jewell at: 804.646.6050 And lets organize a clean-up!