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The Menu at Fountain Lake

OMG, fish tacos!

Help Needed

From the Byrd Park Civic League: Hello Fellow Neighbors! We are asking for your help on a couple of topics that are near and dear to the Byrd Park Community each summer! 1) National Night Out (NNO)- Aug 5th , Tue @ 6-8PM This is a great event to come out and meet your neighbors! […]

Pepper Thief

I have a thing for spicy, but I did not do this: Timothy Brown posted in Byrd Park Community Garden Timothy Brown 6:10pm Jul 16 Plant thief has struck again. Sometime between saturday night and monday morning. Entire pepper plant ripped out. He must have a thing for spicy.

Alligators at Maymont

From a Maymont press release: August is for American Alligators at Maymont. Release Date: July 15, 2014 Media Contact: Cathie Rosenberg Director of Marketing & Public Relations 804-358-7166, ext. 316 RICHMOND, VA — The largest species of reptile in North America will make its public debut at the Nature Center at Maymont on Saturday, August […]

Water the Baby Trees, Please

From Richmond Tree Stewards: The recent rain was welcome after those hot, dry days but it was not enough to water young trees.  Most of Richmond received only 0.25 inches of rain in the last 7 days and  that doesn’t get water down to the root ball, so our current watering alert still says that […]

Grey/White Cat Found

From a neighbor: This cat turned up hungry and lonely (and very friendly!) on the 500 block of South Sheppard (by the little league diamonds). She(?) doesn’t have a collar, but isn’t scared of people at all, so we figure she must belong to someone. If anyone recognizes her please email me at Thanks!

Rain Barrels and Asparaguy

In an effort to shore up water reserves, the Uptown Community Garden on Parkwood has installed this arrangement of rain barrels. For those wondering, this knot of dill-looking fronds is actually asparagus.

Help Cure Slow News Days

It could be the years of carrying the blog on my shoulders making me a little jaded, or maybe the three small children demanding my attention, or the 60hr a week job that has me traveling across eight states, but posting here has slowed to a trickle. Sorry about that.  I take loads of pictures […]

Fireworks over Byrd Park, 2014

On Friday night, July 4th, 2014, the annual fireworks display will take place drawing thousands to the Carillon, Dogwood Dell, and the grounds around the three lakes in Byrd Park.  As usual, the areal light show is planned for 9pm, but will likely be delayed until the sky is good and dark. If you aren’t […]

Despicable Me 2 at Fountain Lake, 6/20

Movies in the Park kicks off this Friday in Byrd Park at 8pm with Despicable Me 2.

A Neighborhood So Quiet…

…our lions lay down with lambs.

Meeting Regarding New Principal at Cary Elementary


Fountain Lake Express, aka Croakers Spot

The Landing at Fountain Lake has reopened for business. In case you don’t recognize the name on the chalkboard, it’s the good folks from Croakers Spot Express who ran the consessions stand last year. They were getting set up in installments when this picture was taken. Look for your favorite seafood treats and expect the […]

Tiny Flowers. Tiny Fences.

“Sold in 1 Day”

This is on the 2100 block of Lakeview.

Beware of ‘Wayward Pubes’

You probably know this irreverent jogger as The Checkout Girl.

Towering Tree-work

Schools to be Discussed at Next Maymont Civic Meeting

The discussion of the new elementary school zone that affects the Maymont neighborhood was rescheduled from March. Here’s the latest from the Maymont Civic League: Our Maymont Civic League will be hosting both Glen Sturtevant (School Board Member Rep for the Museum District, who authored the plan that closed Clark Springs Elem. this summer) and […]

Garden Tour this Weekend

This list was updated on 5/14/14.

Skateboarders Cleaning Texas Beach

Local skateboarders are raising funds and recruiting volunteers to clean the part of Texas Beach where a mini-skate park sits. From the effort’s website: We hope this project offers the skateboarding community a chance to display responsible stewardship of a DIY spot, which will hopefully lead to the creation of more much-needed places to skate. […]

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