Pirate Ship Rescue Mission


It was a balmy summer evening. The water was eery calm. We set sail for the coast of Turtle Island.  It was just 30ft into our journey when the propellers became entangled in the seaweed that is choking the waterways. And this would be our watery graveyard…


…but wait!  Our commander on land returned after he’d abandoned us, taking his radio control device home with him.  This time he came by see atop a mammoth polymer vessel propelled by mighty oars that smacked the water with the force of tidal waves.  With a single motion, he plucked our ship from the water and hauled us back to land.

Before next we set out on a voyage, caution will be paid to what lays beneath.  We’ll find smoother waters, for sure… wherever they arrrrrgghh.


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