First Workday at the Community Garden


In a word:  it was AMAZING!
For those of you who came by, you experienced the fun and reward of working together.  Thank you for your hard work and contributions to this garden!  We accomplished an incredible amount in 6 hours:
  • 13 raised beds built and filled
  • 7 in-ground beds completed
    • hard-as-a-rock soil broken up
    • compost worked in
    • beds edged with brick and cobblestone
    • planted with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
  • ground leveled for more beds
  • 20 plot numbers painted and decorated by creative children
  • free lunches from the Camel restaurant (thank you!) and beverages from the West End Market consumed by hungry and thirsty volunteers
So, if you didn’t make it over to the garden today and feel like you missed out, you’re in luck!  You have another chance tomorrow!  Come join the neighborhood in constructing Byrd Park’s first community garden!  We’ll be there working from 11am-5pm.  Even if you can’t work, stop by to see it and say Hi!
See you at the garden,







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