Schools Dividing the Neighborhood

A neighbor brought up this important issue:

Hi guys, If you have young kids in the neighborhood or if you have an interest in property values in the neighborhood, this would be a good issue to stay on top of.

As you may be aware, the City of Richmond is actively looking at rezoning school districts, including the strong possibility of closing John B. Cary Elementary because it is only around 50% capacity. Currently if you live on the 2000 or 2100 blocks of our Byrd Park neighborhood, your kids are zoned for Clark Springs Elementary, and the 3 blocks closer to the fountain lake are zoned for Cary.

There are 4 proposed rezoning plans for elementary schools. 3 do NOT include the 2000 or 2100 blocks in with the rest of our neighborhood; 2 have the kids on the upper blocks going to Fox, 1 has the kids on the upper blocks going to Munford, and 1 rezones our entire neighborhood to go to Clark Springs, including the 2200-2400 blocks.

There is a community meeting regarding rezoning this Wednesday, February 15 from 6:30-7:30 at Thompson Middle School where people can share their thoughts on these proposed maps.

You can follow a link within this blog post to view the current zoning as well as the 4 proposed rezoning maps for elementary schools.


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