Texas “Nude” Beach?

The GayOutdoors website lists Texas Beach on the Northbank Park as one of the best gay swimming holes in Virginia. Nude sunbathing is purportedly common according to the profile of Texas beach (see below).  This description might be a little dated.

Gay swimming holes is not another term for gay sex outdoors. Such behavior closes these areas down and spoils it for the rest of us. It also gives our community a bad name.
Texas Beach, Northbank Park

This swimming hole is a riverbank beach in Richmond. This is a popular summertime hangout visited mainly by gay men. Vice cops have conducted sting operations here in the past in response to complaints about sex, but their presence seems to have diminished over the past several years.

Before the comments become hysterical, it’s worth noting that Texas Beach could also be described as a top redneck swimming hole, a top punk-rock swimming hole, a top dog frolicking swimming hole, and simply just a beautiful piece of the river for anyone to spend time on, without much chance of trouble of any kind (except for poison ivy).

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