Lost Female Dog – Just Had Surgery

Lindsay needs help finding this sweet dog.

“I brought sweet Penny home last evening, 11/12, and she was so scared that she thrashed and bucked out of her collar and took off. I I live in the fan area of Richmond, and last saw her at the old GRTC station, but she got out of there. Please help me bring her home safe. She’s terrified and won’t come when called because she’s so scared and has never had a home. She also doesn’t know her name or have a collar. She was spayed today. Penny is just under 40 lbs and is all black. This is the best picture I have, she was too shy to get closer. Please help me bring her home.” Call Lindsay at 804-337-8040 if you see her.

Christmas Lights


image imageMany fans of the infamous Christmas Lights house at 2100 Rosewood Ave have enjoyed the show for years. People come from all over in cars with their families, locals milling about on foot and those who rent limos and make it a party attraction. The homeowner has been continuing a tradition her son started over 20 years ago when he won First Prize in 1993 in the city’s very first Tacky Light Contest. Tragically in 1997 he was killed right here in our neighborhood. Since then his family and family friends have continued the honored tradition of creativity and festive spirit by adding a new piece each year.

Unfortunately, last year one of our block residents called and filed a complaint with the city. All of the lights and electrical hook ups are up to current code and the new LED lights have helped the tremendous electric bill. A little bit. And given the age of the homeowner and how much work this takes each year, there is some mumbling about how this might be the last year. So if you love the show please show your support!  Strike up conversation with these folks while you can still get the background story And don’t forget to come out with your hot chocolate and cameras and try to find which decorations were added this year.

Really Nifty Open House, Sunday 1-3

This will hopefully be one last plug as we sell our house on Rosewood before turning this blog over to the two people who expressed interest last week.  There have been a lot of people looking at 2120 Rosewood Ave, and we expect offers to start coming in any day now.  But it’s really not a sale without an OPEN HOUSE. You are invited, Sunday 11/9, from 1-3pm. I know we have always jumped at the chance to peek inside our neighbors’ houses when there were open houses. It’s a great way to get ideas and get to know the neighborhood better. So, come on over. Heck, pool your money and buy the house to use as a community center.  How cool would that be?

open house

If you want to see a bit of the transformation that our house underwent over the past nine years, check out Karen’s ‘Make Me Pretty’ blog full of pictures.  The Smithsonian was able to squeeze Julia Child’s kitchen into their museum, but they probably can’t fit all four-levels of decorator extraordinaire, darling octopus’s,  first ever home renovation.  So, this is your chance to check it out.  We would be honored to have you, and we won’t be there to breathe down your neck.

Thanks again to Byrd Park for being great neighbors.  Byrd Park is truly a diamond in the rough in the City of Richmond. Now with Lamplighter, Yesterday’s Hero’s and The Cask, the neighborhood is cooler than ever.  Cheers to everyone for creating a great community.

UPDATE: Here is the listing on Byrd Parker, Jolonda Knezevitch’s website.

Moving On. Who’s Next?


After nine really good years in Byrd Park, our household has relocated to Ashland so our kids can run around in a yard instead of in our living room. Life won’t be the same for us, and we’ll forever miss our block of Rosewood Avenue (the best first-time home EVER!).  However, the neighborhood will surely be gaining some great new neighbors. The house went on the market today. Here’s the MLS listing.  The neighborhood is a hot market, and we’ve made some pretty snazzy renovation and decorating decisions.  If there’s an open house, please feel free to come take a peek. Attic, basement, garage, oh my!  Raised beds, Japanese maples, wisteria enclosed porch, amazing bathroom renovation, climbing grape vines and raspberries, awesome porch railing (thanks, Hans!), and a spiral staircase.  Sorry, but I just have to toot that house’s horn!

Now, what to do with this blog? In all honesty, I’ve been very disappointed in my lack of free-time to dedicate to community news since taking a job that has me traveling to eight states the past 2.5 years. The three kids have been pretty distracting too, but I can’t really complain about that (except I just did – parenting is hard!).  I’m sorry if the blog hasn’t been all it can be of late. Maybe you or someone you know can help it continue on, only bigger and better.  I’m open to suggestion and eager to hand the blog over responsibly.  Post a comment here or email me at byrdpark@gmail.com.

I speak for my wife and all three kids when I say that we will really miss all of you, this neighborhood, John B. Cary Elementary., and the City, at large.  It’s been a pleasure.  Hopefully, our paths will cross again.

Keep in touch and keep the faith,

Jason Guard



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