Clark Springs Has Reopened, Sorta

Although the School Board closed Clark Springs to consolidate services in fewer facilities, the school has been reopened to receive students from Fairfield Court School who have been displaced due to a leaking roof.  The move is planned to continue for the remainder of the school year.  On a related note,  Style Weekly is reporting on Fairfield and other schools that are in general disrepair.

Burglary on Maplewood

From the weekend police report:

4/10/14 10:25 p.m. – 10:40 p.m.
2100 block of Maplewood Avenue
An unknown person(s) entered the residence and stole a video game system and video games.

Does Feeding Geese Cause Wing Deformity?


According to

“Angel wing” is a deformity commonly found in ducks, geese, swans, and other waterfowl. There has been little scientific study done on the condition, yet most wildlife and waterfowl experts agree the overwhelming cause of angel wing is an unhealthily-high protein and/or carbohydrate-based diet. The disorder causes the last joint in one or both wings to unnaturally twist outward, rather than lying flat against the bird’s body.


The story goes on to cite white bread as a major factor in waterfowl coming down with wing deformity. Under the heading “how can I help” the story states:

Angel wing can be drastically reduced by not feeding birds “people food,” including white bread, popcorn, or crackers. This simple rule will literally save lives.

This doesn’t mean the enjoyable and bonding activity of feeding birds must be eliminated – you just have to identify areas where feeding waterfowl is supported, and offer the birds the right food to sustain their health.

Nutritious waterfowl feed or duck pellets are inexpensive, easy to carry, and can be purchased at most feed stores. Seedless grapes cut in half, shredded kale, Swiss chard or romaine lettuce, and grains, including wheat, barley and oats, are all healthy food sources that will appeal to most waterfowl. Make sure anything you feed is bite-sized to avoid choking hazards.

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Graffiti Envy

Search the word ‘graffiti’ on this blog and you’ll find a fair number of posts over the years. Most are complaints, but some posts praised the paint jobs. Not much of it compares to the collection that was just posted on Church Hill People’s News, unless you count the bus barn’s transition to art installation.


So far, the best graffiti-centric post ever featured on this site was Fighting the Troll Under the Nickel Bridge. But surely there are other pieces of clandestine artwork that we can document, either to celebrate or commisserate, depending on the content and positioning of the art/vandalism. So, got a piece of graffiti that you hate to love or love to hate? Comment here or email it to

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