Another School Rezoning Meeting

More from our School Board member, Mamie Taylor:

Greetings all: I have scheduled two meeting for this week. The first meeting is for Woodland Heights and surrounding communities at the Westover Hills Library (Thursday May 30, 2013- 4:30 pm until 5:45 pm). The second meeting on (Saturday June 1, 2013 – 12 noon) is a board/community meeting to discuss school closure and Map C. This meeting is intended to promote clarity and unity before our next public hearing on June 3, 2013. There’s
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a lot of miscommunication and unanswered questions, and my hope is that the board can come together under the umbrella of transparency and do what is in the best interest of our school system as a whole. So far I have received confirmation from two board members. My hope is that all members of the board will be able to prioritize this meeting and do what is in the best interest of our constituents. We did it once before at the Lamplighter Restaurant, and I’m hoping we can get back on track and make it happen again. Public input is necessary and appreciated. Location of the second meeting is: Southside Community Development and Housing Corporation – 1624 Hull Street Road, Richmond, VA 23224 Thank you in advance – Mamie Taylor

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Pop-Up Market

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taZa: 5047 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23225

5:30pm – 8:00pm


PTA Meeting – Plus a Richmond School Board Update


Tonight, PTA meeting starts at 6pm and will be held at John B. Cary. A chili cook off will be held after the meeting.

Update on the meeting: There were about 20 people who spoke. A few were there to speak about the poor treatment of special needs kids and about transportation. Parents presented views as to why the move

is not the right thing to do at this point.

Some of the concerns are:

1. The numbers that they are using to base the class sizes is old data from before the rezoning and addition of kids from Clark Springs that closed. Our demographics before these changes put our % of kids at or below the poverty level at 45%. After the changes we are closer to 70%. Currently they have our class sizes for k-3 should be 19:1, max 24. Using the correct data, we should be at 16:1 max 19:1, which is where we are now. Taking away our teachers will put our class sizes at about 22/23:1. With the addition of any kids in the school year we will be faced with overcrowded classes.

2. The kids have been in school for 6 weeks and have settled in to their daily routines and become accustomed to their teachers, classmates and classrooms. This will put these kids back to square one. Not only will the kids be moved but, additional kids will be added to their existing classrooms.

3. The teachers that have existing classrooms now, will be moved and will not have classrooms. They will be teacher assistants in existing classrooms.

4. The school Board has noted that Cary has low enrollment, but with the rezoning, a large portion of our demographics were moved to Fox.

But in the end of last night’s meeting, the school board voted to move 8 teachers.

These are the schools that will be impacted by the moves: John B Cary, Overby Sheppard, Southampton, Swansboro are collectively losing 10 teachers.

In addition, 12 other elementary schools are gaining 21 additional teachers. Broad Rock, Carver, Chimorazo, Fisher, Francis , Ginter Park, Greene, Jones, Mason, Oak Grove, Stuart, Westover Hills.

Last night, the school board voted to move 2 teachers from Cary, and left the numbers the same for the other 3 schools affected.

Mamie (School Board rep for Cary’s district), was the only one to object. She has been openly against these plans and has spoken out that the rezoning was going to cause problems even before it was finalized.

For more information, join the PTA meeting tonight at 6pm at John B. Cary. A chili cook off will be held after the meeting.


Tonight: Richmond Public Schools Board Meeting regarding the removal of 4 teachers


Monday October 19 there will be a school board meeting at City Hall at 6 pm.
Whether you have a child in Richmond City Schools or are just a community member who is concerned about the education of our children, please plan to attend this meeting. Families will be voicing concerns regarding the removal of 4 teachers from John B. Cary and the leveling process that RPS is planning.

Ensuring that every child receives the education they deserve is the responsibility of every resident, please help us to advocate for these children. I also encourage Carillon/ Byrd Park residents with or without children to join the John B. Cary PTA to show your support for your neighborhood school.

Sign the petition: Keep John B. Cary Elementary teachers in place!

John B Cary is a small friendly neighborhood elementary school in the near west-end of Richmond. We welcome and serve students from across the district. Our school is among the best in Richmond and has posted the highest testing scores city wide for minority and economically disadvantaged children.

Now, the RPS administration is attempting to remove 4 of our established classroom teachers – one teacher per grade level in kindergarten through 3rd grade. These are beloved teachers that have bonded and established routines with their students. In two cases they are the grade level team leaders for the school.

This is unconscionable and would have a drastic effect on learning and test scores. Furthermore it sends a terrible message to children that it is OK to take what you want from others. It breaches trust, will damage parental buy-in of school support and demoralizes staff.

Please sign and let Dr. Bedden and Richmond Public Schools administration know that we will not stand for the removal of our teachers!

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