It’s Leaf Collection Week, if Your Car is Towed…

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The Richmond Police Department facilitates vehicle towing.  If, for some reason, the City tows your car, you can retrieve it at:

    Seibert’s Towing
642 W. Southside Plaza Dr.
Richmond, VA 23224
Phone:  804-233-5757


A smelly topic, but one that can’t be sidestepped

Pet Waste

One of our neighborhood’s many attributes is how dog friendly we are in Byrd Park. Part of the experience,  is to be able to share with your best friend. Your dog.

In part of beauty of this experience, there is the general consideration of following leash laws and picking up after your pet. Aside from the inconvenience of pet feces left behind, it also allows for the spread of disease and worms or parasites. As many of our neighbors have small ones that walk and sometimes, stumble on to the sidewalk, that’s not a healthy thing for any of us.

We can be responsible pet guardians and we can keep Byrd Park Beautiful! Please leash and pick up after your pet! Let’s keep our neighborhood fun, safe and hygienic for all pet friends and park residents.

How to report RV illegally parked around Rosewood and Rowland Ave.

RVonRosewood2 RVonRosewood

Many neighbors have asked about this RV that has been on the streets between Rosewood and Rowland for the last 4 months. After some checking, it is illegal to park an RV in our residential neighborhood. If you see it, please call the Police non-emergency line to report it. (804) 646-5100.

Lost Female Dog – Just Had Surgery

Lindsay needs help finding this sweet dog.

“I brought sweet Penny home last evening, 11/12, and she was so scared that she thrashed and bucked out of her collar and took off. I I live in the fan area of Richmond, and last saw her at the old GRTC station, but she got out of there. Please help me bring her home safe. She’s terrified and won’t come when called because she’s so scared and has never had a home. She also doesn’t know her name or have a collar. She was spayed today. Penny is just under 40 lbs and is all black. This is the best picture I have, she was too shy to get closer. Please help me bring her home.” Call Lindsay at 804-337-8040 if you see her.

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